MIRS Program

Mentoring on Internal Responsibility System

The legal duties and responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers are defined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. As a team, everyone is responsible for Health and Safety in the Workplace.  We define this as the internal responsibility system or IRS.

Simply put, the IRS means everyone in the workplace has a role to play and a duty to actively ensure workers are safe. Every worker who sees a health and safety problem such as a hazard in the workplace has a duty to report the situation to management. Once a hazard has been identified, the employer and supervisor have a duty to look at the problem and eliminate any hazard that could injure workers.

Our members are telling us that implementing a "Safety Program" is difficult because of time constraints, knowing what to do, where to start and most of all how to maintain consistency with the program from month to month.




  • One session, 1 hour in duration per week.  The sessions run twice weekly so you can decide which day you want to join.  All sessions are done over the Internet from your home or office computer
  • 48 sessions per year (1 session per week)
  • Join other like minded individuals to share Health and Safety challenges and knowledge collectively
  • A different topic each week from your Policy and Procedure manual
  • Question and Answer period with each session
  • Sessions are recorded so if you miss one you can catch up easily


Topics Covered:


 The Health and Safety Policy  Policy Statements  Legal Definitions  Training Guidelines
 Safety Talks Program  Employee Orientation Policy  Employee  Orientation Instructions  Supervisor General Awareness Written  Evaluation
 Employee General Awareness Written  Evaluation  Training Needs Analysis  Employee Orientation  Checklist  Promotion / Transfer Orientation
 Employer Responsibilities  Supervisor Responsibilities  Employee Handbook  Safety Responsibilities and PPE  Requirements
 Workers Rights  Core Safety Rules and Progressive  Discipline  Company Forms and  Checklists  Supervisor and Worker Performance  Appraisal
 Contractor Program  Visitor Responsibilities  JHSC Rep and Committees  Workplace Inspections I
 Workplace Inspections II  Hazard Reporting  Hazard Analysis  Accident Investigation I
 Accident Investigation II  Work Refusal Process  Early and Safe Return to  Work  WSIB Neer and Cad7
 Workplace Specific Hazards   Back Safety  WHMIS  Cold Stress
 Compressed Gases  Confined Spaces  Delivery Trucks  Drugs and Alcohol
 Ladders and Scaffolds  Maintenance Programs  Vehicles / CVOR  Violence and Harassment
 Flammable Liquids  Hand Tools  Heat Stress  Housekeeping
 Electricity  Emergency Plans  Environmental  First Aid Procedures












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