Policy and Procedure Manuals

Employers First specializes in creating workplace and industry specific policy and procedure manuals for the construction, industrial, mining, diving, food service, retail and specialty industries.   If you have an Unlimited Training Plan, the policy manual is included with your package.  Contact us for information on this valuable health and safety service.


The Foundation of Workplace Health and Safety

This document is a comprehensive collection of all the required information that makes up your workplace specific policy.  It is meant to serve as the core resource for any Health and Safety procedure, policy, document, or issue the employer may need.


A typical policy and procedure manual would include:


  • Workplace specific health and safety policies / procedures (General Health and Safety, Environmental, Violence in Workplace, Early and Safe Return to Work)
  • Legal Definitions
  • Employer / Management / Supervisor Responsibilities
  • Supervisor / Employee Orientation and Awareness Training
  • Employee Handbook
  • Hazard Reporting Procedure
  • Injury / Illness Reporting Procedure
  • Inspection forms, checklists, resources specific to the workplace

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