Employers First offers a wide range of specialized Health & Safety services that are unique in the industry.  Our team of consultants have over 50 years combined experience in the field in a number of key industries such as health care, industrial, mining and construction trades.


Evacuation Plans

Having an emergency evacuation plan and posted map is not only an important factor within your business but it's required by law to meet most local fire codes and Ministry of Labour requirements.


Policy and Procedure Manuals

Employers First specializes in creating workplace and industry specific policy and procedure manuals for the construction, industrial, mining, diving, food service, retail and specialty industries.  Our manuals are custom tailored to your business down to the smallest detail. There is no industry or business type that we can't create a policy for.


Workplace Inspections / Gap Audit

Designed to help you keep on top of your Health and Safety program and avoid being unprepared during Ministry of Labour inspection blitzes.  Our inspections cover 20 key topical areas and includes a thorough report, analysis and recommendations to keep your business in compliance from all angles.


Train The Trainer

Have Employers First train you so you can train your staff with all the right tools.  We give you access to our proprietary training methods and documentation and provide support where you need it to deliver an effective in-house training solution.


Workplace Compliance Kits

Workplace Compliance Kits are suited for remote, vehicular or off-site jobs where you still need to provide access to Health and Safety documentation to your employees.  Each company vehicle should have a compliance kit with the vehicle at all times, in an easily accessible location.


Joint Health and Safety Certification (JHSC)

Most workplaces with 20 or more workers must have at least one worker and one management person to be certified members of a workplace Joint Health and Safety CommitteeEmployers First offers JHSC training in an interactive, online format that can be completed at your convenience.

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